How Flexible Partial Dentures Can Improve Your Smile

How Flexible Partial Dentures Can Improve Your Smile

Looking for information on flexible partial dentures because you are missing multiple teeth? When you are missing multiple teeth, it not only negatively affects your overall oral health, it also negatively affects your ability to smile with confidence. Missing teeth … Continued

Tips To Help Keep Dentures In Place

5 Tips to Help Keep Dentures in Place

Dentures are a replacement for lost and removed teeth in your mouth. Your dentist designs them in a way that they fit onto your gums perfectly. A sensitive substance like Hard Resin is one of the known materials dentists use … Continued

Alternatives To Dentures

3 Alternatives to Dentures

What Are Dentures? Dentures are artificially made teeth that are custom made to replace your missing teeth. These dentures are not permanently set in your mouth – making it easy to take them out and put them back in, whenever … Continued

Modern Dentures Are More Comfortable Teeth Replacements

Modern Dentures are More Comfortable Teeth Replacements

Most dentures are acrylic based. While the idea of using replacement teeth has been around for a very long time, science is working very hard to make them more comfortable. For many people, the hard surface of the denture is … Continued

Tooth Loss And The Need For Dentures

Tooth Loss and the Need for Dentures

As a dentures dentist, we know that few people ever consider life after losing teeth. Even fewer considered life with dentures. In fact in a recent survey more than 60% of the responders stated that they had never even considered … Continued

Dentures: Ways You Can Keep Them In Good Condition

Dentures: Ways You Can Keep Them in Good Condition

If you are considering getting dentures, you are in good company. These dental prosthetics have been used for hundreds of years to replace missing teeth. While they were once rudimentary and obviously replacement teeth, dentures are now quite comfortable and … Continued

Millions Of People Comfortably Wear Dentures

Millions of People Comfortably Wear Dentures

Did you know dentures are everywhere? If you were to stop and think about it here are an amazingly high number of people that are wearing dentures all around you. While most of us never think about tooth loss, much … Continued