Get More Oral Health Tips From the Best Dentist in Town

Best DentistWe are the best dentist in town for keeping our patients' teeth healthy.  We understand that life is busy, leaving very little time to visit the dentist and worry about healthy teeth.  The challenge is that if you don't have time to keep your teeth healthy, it is actually more important that you do.  Unhealthy teeth lead to further issues and the need to visit the dentist for more invasive procedures that take longer to complete and more time to recover from. Preventing infections and cavities, decreases the overall time you spend on oral health care while ensuring that you can stay comfortable.

Clearly, we recommend that patients brush their teeth twice a day.  This should be done for two minutes or however long it takes for teeth to feel clean.  Simultaneously, it is important to brush them correctly.  While brushing, use a soft toothbrush that can give you a good clean without irritating your gums or striping the enamel from your teeth. Brush in a circular motion and push plaque towards the center of your mouth and away from the gums.  You should also use a fluoride toothpaste since fluoride is a mineral and by brushing with it, you can strengthen your teeth. When done, be sure to floss and follow up with an antiseptic mouthwash to kill additional germs.

As the best dentist around, we also tell patients to go ahead and chew gum. Sugar-free gum, that contains Xylitol, is healthy for your teeth. This key ingredient, Xylitol, can help your teeth to stay healthy by preventing bacteria from creating the acid that can attack your teeth.  We suggest chewing it after eating snacks or a meal.  If you can brush your teeth, even better.  If not, this is a good substitution until you can get back home and to your toothbrush.  Just remember to purchase gum with a high concentration of Xylitol because you won't get the health benefits without it.

These activities are important for staying in good oral health – so is eating well.  We suggest that you change your diet to cut out foods that have a high acid or sugar content.  Acid is terrible for your teeth because it starts to attack them and can lead to erosion.  Sugar can create acid and accomplish the same thing.  Cut these foods out of your diet and replace them with green vegetables, dairy products, nuts and lean protein.  Instead of eroding your teeth, these foods can make your teeth stronger so that you avoid getting cavities and prevent tooth sensitivity. Make sure to also switch out your sugary soda and replace it with water in order to produce more saliva.

Finally, avoid poor oral health by avoiding any tobacco products.  Smoking or chewing tobacco can lead to significant health problems including oral cancer. for oral cancer.

For more tips or to have your teeth cleaned, schedule an appointment with our office and visit the best dentist in town.

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