New Technology and Dental Implants in Cranston

Posted on: March 2, 2015

Dental Implants in CranstonWe install dental implants in Cranston and with great success. Today’s dental implants are literally reshaping the world of prosthetic dentistry. Once an antediluvian technology, used by the Mayans to replace teeth, implant surgery has grown tremendously with the help of modern science. The technology and materials we use to place your implants today are so cutting edge that the body actually believes the implant is part of the organic tissue. This gives you the most secure and stable base for your new fake teeth, or crowns.

While implants are the way of the future we understand that some of our patients are resistant to change and are unwilling to consider giving up their more traditional means of tooth replacement. Typically this is a question of education, teaching our patients that with a dental implant you are getting a more permanent solution that is stronger, more durable, and better looking than anything the traditional means could offer. In addition to this a dental implant is surgically inserted into your jawbone, which supports the implant just like it was a real tooth. When you compare this permanent solution to bridges, which are cemented in place on the outside of your teeth, and dentures, which use adhesive to bind them in place, there really is no denying what solution is better for improving your quality of life.

Given the permanence of dental implants, it stands to reason that many of our patients have a lot of questions before making the leap. This is especially true for patients that are older or have already had prosthetic devices. With the understanding that no change is easy, we are always open to sitting down with you so that you fully understand what dental implants are and how they are going to change your life. When discussing dental implants in Cranston, there are a couple of questions that come up quite frequently and here are the answers to some of them.

Since dental implants are installed via a surgical procedure, how long will it take for me to recover?

It is true that dental implants are installed into the jawbone by a skilled dentist, oral surgeon, or periodontist, for permanence using surgery. However, in order to make sure that we are giving you the highest chance of success and in order to shorten your final recovery time we do this procedure in stages. Between the stages, you will rest for ten to fourteen days to allow yourself to heal. When you return, we will make sure that the work is intact and make any minor modifications needed before proceeding to the next stage. This step by step method also means that your final recovery time, after all, the processes are complete, will only be two weeks.

How successful are dental implants?

In terms of the installation itself, dental implants have a success rate of between 93% and 98%. Naturally there are individual factors which we will discuss at length with you, which determine how successful they can be. On the basis of longevity, dental implants last anywhere from seven to thirty years or a lifetime. This depends on how well you take care of your mouth, your oral health and hygiene habits, and how well the rest of your mouth works to support the implants.

We place dental implants in Cranston because this is the most natural looking and durable solution to tooth loss.  For more information, call and schedule a consultation.


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