Reasons To Choose Dental Veneers

Dental VeneersDental veneers are among the most versatile of the tools we use to help you get better-looking teeth, and thus, a great smile. As a cosmetic dentist will tell you, there are a hundred different options to getting your teeth looking better. Most of these involve some kind of treatment, and many of them have to be clubbed into groups of treatments to get the effect you want. This is not the case with dental veneers, which solve multiple problems in one easy treatment. The ability to resolve multiple issues at the same time is one of those advantages that have made dental veneers such a popular option for dentists and their patients alike. There are other advantages that come with using these porcelain veneers, too. One of the reasons many of our patients like to use veneers (and one of the many reasons dental veneers went from being a niche product to a mainstream option) is the fact that dental veneers do not require the removal of teeth. In fact, dental veneers only require that a minimal amount of your natural enamel be removed at all. When compared to some of the other options, it becomes apparent how minuscule this is.

Take dental crowns, for example, which are used for a number of applications. Dental crowns are used to cap teeth that have been damaged due to trauma or decay. In order to properly place dental crowns, we have to shave away most of the natural enamel from your tooth. Leaving only the nub, we attach the crown to this tiny piece of your remaining enamel so it is secure, but in by removing so much enamel, we know it will not interfere with the aesthetic or functional aspects of the crown. On the other hand, when we place dental veneers, we only have to remove a fraction of your enamel, because the veneer fit over the top of the majority of your enamel. This means that unlike in the case of dental implants, where we have to remove the entire tooth, your dental veneers are augmenting your own teeth instead of replacing them. While this is a huge advantage, there are also many more. One that appeals greatly to our patients is the treatment time involved with dental veneers.

Typically, dental veneers are placed on a second or third visit. Since they are custom made, we will take the measurements on the first visit and more often than not place them on the second visit. This means that you are in and out without severe implications on your schedule. On the other hand, there are other treatments, like the orthodontic treatments of braces and Invisalign®, which can take up to a year or more to straighten your teeth. As we pointed out above, this is also often not the end of your treatment needs, as once the teeth are straightened, you will need to have them whitening with teeth whitening. Dental veneers do all of these things at the same time, and while they are restricted to only being able to straighten teeth in the mild malocclusion, the treatment time is definitely an advantage.

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