Store-Bought vs. In-Office Whitening

Posted on: May 1, 2015


When evaluating store-bought vs. in-office whitening, we recommend that you schedule a consultation with our family dentist office to discuss the condition of your teeth and gums.  At Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry, we provide comprehensive dental care for people throughout the Cranston, RI area, including professional teeth whitening.  A major difference between store-bought vs. in-office whitening is the type and strength of the whitening solution.  Many of the products that are bought in the store, only remove surface stains from the teeth.  The solution we use in our dentist office goes below the enamel and starts the oxidation process so that the molecules inside of the teeth reflect less light and appear whiter as a result.  This naturally produces more dramatic results with teeth getting at least eight shades whiter.  Store bought solutions work, but not as well, leaving many people disappointed with how their teeth look afterwards. 

There are also risks with purchasing store bought vs. in-office whitening products.  A challenge that people throughout the 02920 area have is overusing the whitening solution.  Since the results are not as dramatic, people tend to repeat home procedures more often than they should, and the teeth and gums become irritated as a result.  Additionally, store bought whitening trays are designed to fit everyone which means that they don’t fit anyone perfectly.  Any whitening trays that you have created in our Cranston dentist office are done so after taking a mold of your teeth to ensure a perfect fit, decreasing the risk of leakage.  This is an important point to consider, with store-bought vs. in-office whitening products, because when the solution leaks onto your gums, it will cause irritation and sensitivity.  As a teeth whitening dentist in Cranston, RI, we recommend that those living in or around Cranston call our cosmetic dentistry office at (401) 490-7929 to schedule a teeth whitening appointment to experience both dramatic and safe results.

Where can I find a dentist near me to whiten my teeth and complete a smile makeover?

As a CEREC dentist, we can transform your smile in our dentist office. If you are getting dental implants or another type of restoration, we recommend that you have your teeth whitened first. These synthetic materials are resistant to both staining and bleaching, making the timing critical.  For example, if you are getting dental implants in Cranston, you should whiten your teeth first so that the new tooth will be created in a bright white shade as well.  Simultaneously, if you have any teeth that are not responding to a whitening treatment, like you want them to, we can cover dark stains using dental veneers either as an isolated procedure or in combination with dental implants for a full smile makeover. We are the best dentist in town for transforming your smile and can use a variety of dental procedures in order to do so.  We are also an Invisalign dentist and can even address any orthodontic challenges you are having.

Note:  As an emergency dentist office, we are here to assist with any oral health issues you have, even outside of normal business hours.  Whether you need emergency root canals or temporary dentures, we can help.  For immediate assistance, call (401) 490-7929.

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