We are the Best Dentist to Visit if You Damage a Tooth or Crown

Best DentistWe are the best dentist in town to visit if you damage a tooth. Whether your tooth is cracked or chipped, we can restore it both in functionality and in aesthetics. In order to do so, we use dental crowns and other solutions. Crowns, for example, can last for 15 years or longer. They are durable, long-lasting, and look entirely natural. However, because they are so dependable, many people take them for granted, assuming that they will last forever. This only works if you take good care of your teeth and gums by brushing and flossing throughout the day and having your teeth cleaned twice a year. Otherwise, the tooth underneath the crown can become infected. You also need to avoid doing things like chewing on ice, since this can damage or dislodge your crown. If something happens anyway, give us a call.

How to tell if your crown is damaged:

Run your tongue along your teeth, and pay attention to any rough edges. If you are unsure, brush your teeth and then run your tongue along your teeth again. If you do have rough edges, this could be a sign that your tooth is chipped. Also, pay attention to any signs that your crown is loose. If it is, you need to call us right away, since falling asleep or eating with a loose crown could be risky.

What we look for:

As the best dentist in town for restorations, we will begin by conducting a visual examination of your crown to see if we can tell what the problem is. We will then take an x-ray so we can see the condition of the tooth underneath the crown. This is important because we need to know whether the crown or both need to be restored.

Treatment steps:

If your crown is the only thing that needs to be treated, we might be able to save it by smoothing the surface of the crown and applying a bonding material to it. This is the best case scenario, because we can complete the restoration in one visit in an hour or less. However, if the crown is too damaged, we are the best dentist for replacing it with a new one. This generally takes two appointments. In the event that the tooth underneath is infected, we will need to remove the current crown, remove the infected portion of the tooth, and then replace the crown. This can also take two appointments, but is necessary for ensuring that your tooth is healthy.

Regardless of how your crown was damaged, we can restore it and also address any underlying problems with the tooth itself. We are the best dentist for doing so because our restorations look entirely natural and blend in with the surrounding teeth. We can also give you medication so you do not feel anything during the procedure other than slight pressure. To learn more about how we can help, call and schedule an appointment.

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